The Enforcer


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Brand New Oxyfuel torch kit from Detroit Torch and Mfg. Co. the makers of the famous DHC2000/Cobra Welding and Cutting Torch. This conventional medium duty combo torch refines the v-style torch you know and love with quality parts and craftsmanship expected from a tool made in the USA. These torches are built to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty to prove it. The Enforcer is our medium duty oxy-fuel outfit, complete with a toolbox carrying case. This outfit is perfect for cutting, welding, brazing and heating. The Enforcer kit includes: -a welding handle (DT-35WH) Cutting attachment (DT-35CA) Two Cutting tips (3-101-0 and 3-101-1) Two welding tips (Type 13-0 and 13-2) One heating tip (Type 29-4) a set of the Granite Series medium/heavy duty gauges (DT-82540 and DT-82510) 3/16" twin hoses shade 5 soft-sided flip-up goggles sparker, tip cleaner and manuals. Made in the U.S.A. with a LIFETIME WARRANTY