About our Company

Yes, this is the Dillon...

Yes this is the Henrob 2000...

Yes this is the DHC2000! a.k.a. "cobra torch"

This welding and cutting tool has gone by many names, but the truth remains, that this "Swiss-army-knife" of torches, has stood the test of time!

This near identical torch has been manufactured for over 40 years now.  No knock-offs, just a quality product, produced for the select metal workers, craftsman, artists, fabricators, jewelers and the like, who truly understand and respect having the right tool at the right time to do the right job.

Let us take quick trip down memory lane...

The original torch was produced by Ed Dillon in the 70's in Sweden.

The torch was purchased by the Henrob company in the 80's and manufacturing was moved to the United States.

As Henrob grew their pierce-less riveting technology, they look to split from their torch business. At this time Mark Cycholl had done business with Henrob in the sector of fixtures, gauges and secondary tooling in the automotive. Mark, with extensive welding experience from previous time spent at Detroit Diesel, jumped at the opportunity to branch out on his own in the welding industry.

So in the early 2000's Mark established Cobra Torches Inc. At this time, the Henrob 2000 was rebranded as the DHC2000, calling back to the torches lineage of Dillon, Henrob and now Cobra.  The torch manufacturing remained in Michigan on the outskirts of Detroit.

With the city of Detroit reaching a near rock-bottom, a movement grew to rebrand the city as a tough resilient place, where the people are known for hard work and dedication.

Cobra Torches Inc., recognized that these values aligned with our Made in USA product and our customer base of do-it-yourself builders, craftsman, fabricators and artists.  In the 2010's Cobra Torches Inc. was rebranded as Detroit Torch and Manufacturing Co. The torch itself remains the DHC2000.

This new brand holds special meaning, as it has been a brand resurrected from a time long ago.  Detroit Torch and Mfg. Co. was once a gasoline blow-torch company based in Detroit, Michigan. A fitting place for our beloved DHC2000 torch.

We remain committed to our product and take pride in the fact that it is made in the USA. Our parts are interchangeable with all models of the Dillon, Henrob and DHC2000.  We service all models and maintain a lifetime warranty on the Henrob and DHC2000 torch.

We are a family run business and respect and value each and every customer. We expect our torch to be passed from generation to generation.  If you have any questions or concerns about your torch and its performance, please do not hesitate to contact us.