Limited Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Form

Detroit Torch and Manufacturing Company stands behind its products.  The following products have a limited lifetime warranty:

  • The DHC2000
  • The Detroiter
  • The Enforcer handle and cutting attachment (DT-35WH and DT-35CA) only.
  • The Granite Series Regulators
  • Low Pressure Regulators

These torches and regulators are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product against any defect due to faulty material or workmanship.

Detroit Torch and Manufacturing Company accepts no responsibility for defects, damage or faulty performances caused by misuse, careless handling or where repairs have been made or attempted from unauthorized persons. All other conditions and warranties whether expressed or implied are, to the extent permitted by law, hereby excluded.

Upon the discretion of the manufacturer you will receive free of charge, a replacement unit or the free repair and replacement of faulty parts.

Return for Service

Prior to returning the torch for service, please register your product online below if you have not done so already, then contact Detroit Torch and Manufacturing Company’s Warranty Department at 866.875.7066.

Please return the torch or regulator (with a brief note describing the problem and the name of the Detroit Torch rep you spoke with) to:

Warranty Registration

Warranty Form