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Weld like a TIG

Weld like a TIG

The DHC2000 is an oxyacetylene torch capable of welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, leading and preheating a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including: ALUMINUM, CAST IRON and STAINLESS

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  • Versatiltiy

    The combination of a low velocity flame and concentrated heat deliver a new level of welding control and versatility. Since the DHC2000 operates with a flame velocity up to four times lower than a conventional torch, it prevents the molten weld puddle from "blowing out", enabling welding of difficult materials such as ALUMINUM.

  • Superior Control

    The ergonomic pistol-grip body permits a more natural working position. A special dual tip cutting configuration separates the oxygen from the pre-heat source. this design produces narrow, square cuts that require minimal secondary cleaning. The DHC2000 efficiently cuts mild steel up to one inch thick.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    A unique mixing chamber assures optimum gas mixing for exceptionally efficient, clean burning flame. What does this mean for you? You spend less on gas!

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  • dhc2000 with undercutter attachment
  • DHC2000 Overcutter heavy steel plate
  • DHC2000 Welding Aluminum



The DHC2000's delicate flame makes easy work of welding steel, aluminum, stainless and cast iron. With superior control, the torch will weld, braze, solder and even has a tip for leading.


The DHC2000's unique dual tip design allows for extremely fine cuts on very thin steel with minimal warping, but also generates enough power to cut up to 1-inch thick steel.


With heating tips designed to operate a the low pressures of 4lb of oxygen and 4lb acetylene. the DHC2000 is great for bend and shaping metal.

Industries Served

Auto racing, repair and restoration, Hot Rods to 4x4's, Experimental Aircraft, Farm and Ranch, HVAC, Construction, Fabrication, Metal Art

What else do I need?

The torch kit comes with the pistol grip gun, and all the tips and attachments for welding and cutting. regulators and hoses are sold separately, but we do offer a unique set of low pressure regulators. Oxygen and Acetylene tanks need to be purchased locally.