Welding Tip on DHC2000 Oxygen acetylene torch


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Hand Built

Short DHC2000 Demo

Family Owned - Still made in the USA

The Dillon, the Henrob, the Cobra - No matter how you refer to the DHC2000, it has always been a small business dedictaed to delivering a quality product to it's customers. Even with this rollercoaster economy, the DHC2000 is still made in the USA.

"I have multiple welders, including gas, MIG TIG, ARC, and multiple Torches. This is quickly becoming my goto tool for many jobs. There is a learning curve, but any accomplished welder will quickly arrive at the same conclusion I have, this is needed in everyones shop!"

TheCustomShopUSVI - Amazon

"Definitely lived up to all the research that I did on it
Well worth the price"

Robert - Amazon

"It is an amazing torch. Exactly as advertised."

giuseppe - Amazon